Transparency in the Grip – the ‚ Mind- Factor ’ FOCUS

A novelty on the World market 2017: beautiful transparency foregrounds the inner life of these grips. Our FOCUS grip renders your Mind-Factor bow the most personal it can be. Our newly developed method (technique, procedure) allows for boundless scopes for designing ‘your’ individual custom-made bow.


Excellent Bow Crafting

At Mind-Factor, the main aspect is individuality. I build laminated custom bows made-to-measure. The huge diversity of our different long or recurve bow models does not leave any customer wishes open.

For your laminated custom bows, I use selected woods, modern fiber and solid materials. Proven tradition of craftsmanship is effectively complemented with modern technology: all materials are processed into one-of-a-kind pieces.

The combination of clear lines and lively natural wood is particularly effective with Mind-Factor bows.

Quality „made in Bavaria”

As individual as the wishes of my customers are, as diverse is the range of my bows : in my workshop you will find classical shapes as well as modern lines that match your shooting style.

My bows won’t see a target before they combine quality, beauty and, of course, longevity. Flawless functionality is just as much a concern to me as an accurate look into the details of each bow – from the grip to the tips.


So entstehen unsere hochwertigen Bögen:

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Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne

Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne...

Grundkurs Bogenschießen mit Thomas Jakob

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Mind-Factor ‚en route’

On the road again…

From our home in Bavaria, located in close proximity to the famous Weltenburg abbey next to the Danube Gorge, we regularly travel to events and fairs around the archery world.

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