The Bow Maker

From childhood onwards I was amazed by archery. Therefore, very early on, I build my first more or less serviceable “green timber bows”.
After 15 years, a colleague of mine awoke me from “hibernation” to again ignite the bow fever. I purchased my first “one-piece long bow” online, ignoring several well-meant pieces of advice: “Even before the real beginning, drawing a 65 lbs bow will put an immediate end to any newcomer s archery…! .

It took a week before I could draw the bow string for the first time without help, and another 3 months until I had trained myself the necessary strength to strike more than 5 arrows home.
Truly, it is probably more sensible to start with a suitable bow as a beginner rather than risking to lose the delight of archery early on.
In addition to the archaic urge to hunt, I was immediately fascinated by the construction and building techniques of bows as well as the possibilities of building a precise sport equipment by using the simplest of materials.
After several attempts, accompanied by larger or smaller failures, I am now capable of constructing laminated long and one-piece recurve bows made-to-measure upon request, and instructing interested parties in instinctive archery.

Thomas Jakob

The Leather Mistress

… and that’s me:
When my husband started bow construction years ago, I thought that a beautiful bow deserves an equally beautiful carrying and storage bag.
Therefore, I initially tried to produce simple bags sewn from color-coordinated leather.
Over time, my initial idea produced more and more ideas, I became more skilled, my production steps became more deliberate, and the bag patterns more elaborate.
I feel privileged to have transferred my passion of handicraft into a second career, and I feel very fortunate to be able to do a creative job, working at my own pace without time pressure. This is a true gift!
Should you be interested in my other career, feel free to click on the picture.

Daniela Scheiber-Jakob

Daniela Scheiber-Jakob

The Web Designer

To display products in the best way possible is what I like to do.
I believe that each creative product requires an adequate display and this consists of a modern, emotionally charged presentation.
For a long time, I have been searching for the right medium. After graduating from junior high, I transferred to the design branch of the technical college Straubing. Here I was taught how to shape and transport ideas using either pen and paper, light and shadow, or just simply the right font. Producing movies were also part of my passion and from time to time I even developed one or the other board game.
I created my first website when I was 15 years old, and at the age of 19, I started my web design & development studies, which I finished after two years with a diploma degree. I was taught the art of photography, some techniques of the film industry, digital animation, and several programming languages. These skills enable me to perform the job I do today.
Designing this website allowed me to display the wonderful creations of my parents. I hope you will enjoy discovering this website and find the design as exciting as archery itself.

Jasmin Scheiber-Jakob

Jasmin Scheiber-Jakob

Feel free to visit…

At Mind-Factor, you will receive excellent advice and competent service around the archery sport. Let yourself be inspired by the texts and sample images and perhaps this will lead to your envisioning your very own customized bow.
In order to try out one of my bows, you are encouraged to arrange an appointment here in Abensberg.
Or you can visit our booth at one of the bow sport fairs.

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