Arm protection made of genuine leather, breathable and made to measure

Like all our products also our arm guards are handmade.

Important: Indicate, if you like smooth leather or suede on the outside, and of course, coloration for the inside and outside.

If you would like your arm guard even more customized, you might find ideas and suggestions of some patterns I have done so far in the gallery.

Please enter the number in the relevant heading during checkout before completion of the order process.

Please note that, as each leather is different, there might be small color variations.
It does help to describe the desired color as plastically as possible :-)

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Order and Shipping

Items in stock will be generally be shipped out the same day or on the following day.

For custom-made items I kindly ask for a 14-day delivery time. In case of urgent requests, I do my best to comply with your wishes.

For packing and shipping we charge an additional € 5.00 within Germany. For shipping within other European countries we charge an accordingly higher price. If case you have questions beforehand, please drop me an email with your requests to info@mind-factor.de
For your order, please use the link to our webshop:

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