Step by Step

Primary Colors

Dark brown, moss green, dark blue, roof tile red, sand beige, black / anthracite, light green, light brown / cinnamon, meadow green, …

Secondary Colors

Spring: bright, fresh color palette: soft yellow, rosé, pastel green, orange

Summer: e.g. warm red, bright ocean blue, juicy leaf green, sunflower yellow

Fall : brownish-blended color palette, crimson, moss green, heavy yellow, ocher, etc.

Winter: clear colors without gradation: bright red, snow white, black, blue, green

Overall Impression

lively (more than 3 colors) or restrained (3 colors) or unicolor


Specify the pattern of your choice (e.g. rune(s), initials, company logo, lucky charms) or choose from our suggestions of design elements (color scheme according to your wishes):


I need to know the maximum length of your unbend bow.

To measure your recurve bow correctly, place it on a large tablecloth. Flip the tablecloth over to form a rectangle. Do not measure too wide or too tight, while the bow lies on the cloth: these will be the dimensions of the finished bow bag (length x width).

Order and Shipping

To order, place a long bow or recurve bag in the shopping cart of our webshop. Select the price you are willing to spend.
I also need your ideas – please indicate the bag number (s) of your choice from the gallery. Describe “your” bag in your own words. You will find a description field before checkout, in which you can enter your ideas and picture numbers. I will then contact you by email.
If the desired leather colors are in stock, I usually need approximately 14 days for your bag.

For express orders I do my best to fulfil your request.
For postal delivery, we charge an additional 5 € for postage and packaging.

This post is also available in: German


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