Finally, we present two straining cords in excellent quality … –
Where knots can be untied again, should this become necessary…

Just like our quivers, string keepers and 3-finger shooting gloves, the straining cords are excellently crafted.

Straining Cord Longbow

14 €

Mind-Factor Spannschnur Langbogen

Straining Cord Recurve Bow

16 €

Spannschnur Recurve

Order and Shipping

We usually ship the equipment in stock on the same day of the order, at the latest on the following working day.

Please be aware that we do not have all items constantly in stock. In this case, we usually need approximately 14 days for delivery. For express orders we do our best to fulfil your request.
For postal delivery, we charge an additional 2 € for international postage and packaging.

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